I woke up this morning and my kids has missed the bus. This was my fault for turning off the clock and going back to sleep. So I owned it and took them to school. On the trip, they were talking about their feelings on different topics. So I dropped them at the front door and headed home.

It was at this time i thought about feelings and how opinion has changed over the last century.  We now live in a society where a man can feel like he is a woman and the rest of the world should enable the delusion. Human feelings are taking precedence over scientific fact? How is this possible? When a person says they feel the presence of God, society thinks they are delusional. 

Take the theory of evolution, which is a theory because there is no scientific proof of evolution, or a big bang. Because people feel this is the appropriate solution It is considered valid. Again, how is this possible?

To those who hate the idea of God and all that he stands for, hate is a feeling. Your feelings are a form of validation, so by your own reasoning there must be a God.  You can’t hate things that don’t exist since feelings are so important to this society. 

The Interview

Today I drove my wife to an interview at a Healthcare Facility. Since it is in a neighboring county we were not familiar with the address. Thinking it was a good idea to use our phones to navigate, we followed the directions.  The problem was that the phones were not giving good directions. Eventually, she ended up calling to get the right directions.

This got me to thinking about other aspects of life. How often do we rely on things that fail us? The only thing we can rely on that won’t fail us is God. He loves us and will be with us all the rest if our lives. The choice is ours if we want to rely on Him or rely on the temporary, fallible things of this world. 


Been a little while since my last post, this last week before school starts had been hectic. Seems like there is just too little time to get the odds and ends done before the first day.  In my Servant Leader class, we are covering prevention this week. More specifically, the benefits that are associated with prevention of mental physical illnesses. I would associate prevention with Spiritual illness. We need to prevent things from causing a rift in our relationship with God. How many times have we allowed ourselves to be put into situations that caused a wedge to be drive in our relationship.

Many people does this and then tries to look for other people to blame for this. This is not true, when we allow ourselves to be put into these situations the blame falls on us. No one or nothing can hinder our relationship with God unless we allow it to. This is where the prevention aspect comes into the equation. We can’t prevent others from doing things, but we can prevent ourselves from becoming part of their situation. We must keep the faith and focus on what is important.

Jesus and Paul

I guess I am behind the times in regards to there being the idea of Jesus and Paul representing 2 different kinds of Christianity. While I don’t think this is the case, apparently there are many people that do. I was raised that the Bible was the inspired word of God. This means that the Gospels as well as the epistles are from the inspiration of God. Forgive me for not knowing there exists a debate about Paul and Jesus, I always assumed Christians knew they must accept the entire word of God, not just select sections.

Since several people have approached me about where I stand on this topic I figured I would share my thoughts on it. I would ask you to consider the book of Acts. Acts is a continuation of the Gospel of Luke. Since Luke is the author of both books, then it is safe to assume that Acts is just a valid as the book of Luke. Luke is the longest and most detailed of all the Gospels. It covers many events that are not included in the other Gospels. Now this same author writes another book, the continuation, and it covers Jesus ascending to heaven and the reception of the Holy Ghost. It also covers Jesus personally calling Paul and giving him his commission.

So now we know that Jesus is the Christ and he came to open the opportunity for anyone who chooses to come to God. He personally returns to call another man to bring God’s offer to Gentiles. No, the teaching of Paul and Jesus don’t contradict each other. Their teachings compliment each other.

Stop the Cherry-Picking

I have conversations with a few different people throughout the week about the Bible and things that are within the pages. My biggest pet peeve is those people who like to cherry-pick verses and try to use it to prove their various points. I know I have written about this before, but it is a serious flaw in reasoning among those who claim to be Christians. With a single verse or a few verse it is possible to condemn the world to hell or send the worst sinner to heaven. Is this the will of God? Of course not. You have to given consideration to the context of the selection you are using to prove a point.

I believe that when we are using verse out of context when are deceiving not only ourselves, but those we are trying to discuss God’s Word with. Do you really want to stand in judgement for misleading someone just to prove your point? I know I don’t. Whenever I minister, I always read the text I want to discuss first, then I try to explain what I believe it means. I also encourage everyone to read along and if there is something they see differently to let me know. God may reveal part of the text to me and another part to another.

Resist the Devil

I got a lesson this morning is resisting the devil. My son is going through trials right now and having a hard time with things. Then someone starts making threats to him on social media. My sons works 6 days a weeks and is taking care of his 1-year-old daughter, the last thing he needs is someone threatening him and trying to make things harder. So, After praying about the situation I decided it was time to confront this person and let them know that making idle threats over social media was a waste of time.

After a few minutes of conversing with this person they decided to remove the threatening post and it was over. I was tempted to make threats, but I didn’t. I did tell this person that if they wanted my to beat my son up so bad then come to his house and not his job. This way it could not be use against him in court. This person had no desire to do anything, but make threats over social media.

This is how the devil tries to get at us sometimes. He uses third parties to attack members of our families to try and get us to cross certain lines. Just like I did today, we need to use Godly wisdom to confront those who make these threats and they will stop doing the nonsense. Once the confrontations is over, pray for them .

Money and Evil

I have heard many people make the claim that money is the root of all evil. The Bible states that the love of money is the root of all evil. Jesus told the people that is was hard for a rich man to make it to heaven. Some people thinks that Jesus said it was impossible, but the Bible states that all things are possible with God. The point of the rich man is that a lot of people who have money tend to be greedy with their money. However, just because someone has money doesn’t make them evil or exclude them from heaven.

It is possible for some who has little or no money to put their love of money before God. If you recall, the poor lady who gave the two coins at the offering at the temple and Jesus comment how she gave more of her own than those who gave larger amounts. This is because the lady gave 100%. Remember, God doesn’t want us doing things for the glory to ourselves. When we do good we need to do it secretly.