Been a little while since my last post, this last week before school starts had been hectic. Seems like there is just too little time to get the odds and ends done before the first day.  In my Servant Leader class, we are covering prevention this week. More specifically, the benefits that are associated with prevention of mental physical illnesses. I would associate prevention with Spiritual illness. We need to prevent things from causing a rift in our relationship with God. How many times have we allowed ourselves to be put into situations that caused a wedge to be drive in our relationship.

Many people does this and then tries to look for other people to blame for this. This is not true, when we allow ourselves to be put into these situations the blame falls on us. No one or nothing can hinder our relationship with God unless we allow it to. This is where the prevention aspect comes into the equation. We can’t prevent others from doing things, but we can prevent ourselves from becoming part of their situation. We must keep the faith and focus on what is important.


James Chapter 1

Last night at church the scheduled preacher had to cancel. This led to me being asked to prepare a lesson to give during the service. I do not consider myself to be a preacher, but I believe I have been called to be a teacher. So as we went to prayer I asked God to provide me a lesson that someone could use. I believe I was being guided to James Chapter 1. I must admit that I have studied some in James, but not as much as I should. However, while reading God guided me to say just the right things.

There is a lot of great information that can be found in the this chapter. One example is right at the beginning of the chapter in verse 5, James tells us that if we lack wisdom we need to ask God to give us this wisdom. This something that some people (myself included) forget to ask for. Personally, there are times when I should have asked God for the wisdom to make the right decision and I failed to do so. Whose fault is it when things went wrong because of the decision? Mine and mine alone. God had the right answer and I just didn’t ask.

Another thing that stuck out to me was when the chapter is talking about temptation. James tells us that we are not to say that temptation comes from God. How true! Temptation comes from man making decision without seeking Godly wisdom and then ends up in bad situations. This is not a product of God, but a product of man putting too much faith in his own wisdom.