Getting Back on Track

Finally, getting things back on track with being able to post more often. Procrastination was about to get the best of me. This is something that many of us struggle with at some point in life. I thought and prayed how to break the slump I had gotten into about writing in general. I believe that God showed me to just write and the words will be there when I need them. I found I was letting too many excuses to be my justifiable reasons for neglecting my writings. The key word here is excuses, in reality I believe an excuse is our reasoning for being lazy.

My wife, God bless her, has been supportive to a certain extent, but now she is pushing me to get back to writing. So with the grace of God I will push through and get my words down on paper.



Been a little while since my last post, this last week before school starts had been hectic. Seems like there is just too little time to get the odds and ends done before the first day.  In my Servant Leader class, we are covering prevention this week. More specifically, the benefits that are associated with prevention of mental physical illnesses. I would associate prevention with Spiritual illness. We need to prevent things from causing a rift in our relationship with God. How many times have we allowed ourselves to be put into situations that caused a wedge to be drive in our relationship.

Many people does this and then tries to look for other people to blame for this. This is not true, when we allow ourselves to be put into these situations the blame falls on us. No one or nothing can hinder our relationship with God unless we allow it to. This is where the prevention aspect comes into the equation. We can’t prevent others from doing things, but we can prevent ourselves from becoming part of their situation. We must keep the faith and focus on what is important.

Resist the Devil

I got a lesson this morning is resisting the devil. My son is going through trials right now and having a hard time with things. Then someone starts making threats to him on social media. My sons works 6 days a weeks and is taking care of his 1-year-old daughter, the last thing he needs is someone threatening him and trying to make things harder. So, After praying about the situation I decided it was time to confront this person and let them know that making idle threats over social media was a waste of time.

After a few minutes of conversing with this person they decided to remove the threatening post and it was over. I was tempted to make threats, but I didn’t. I did tell this person that if they wanted my to beat my son up so bad then come to his house and not his job. This way it could not be use against him in court. This person had no desire to do anything, but make threats over social media.

This is how the devil tries to get at us sometimes. He uses third parties to attack members of our families to try and get us to cross certain lines. Just like I did today, we need to use Godly wisdom to confront those who make these threats and they will stop doing the nonsense. Once the confrontations is over, pray for them .


I was working on my homework tonight and the devotional came from 1 Timothy 5:8. If you are not familiar with the Chapter 5 it deals with the roles of members of the church. This particular verse is about the need to provide for one’s own family. When I read it I found myself thinking about the number of people in my local community that doesn’t work even though they are able. I believe this is the type of people that Paul was referring to. I can remember when I was a young man and working jobs like pizza delivery driver or a bag boy at the local supermarket. Jobs that many feel like are beneath them. Why? You perform a service and you get paid for your labor. Isn’t that the way that we should do?

It’s like my current job, a janitor at a local elementary school, a lot of people ask how I said to do it. Simple, I like my family to be able to eat, have electricity, and other things I feel like they deserve. Most nights during the school year I come home from work with body parts aching and pretty tired. Would I like an easy job? Yeah, but until I finish my education, I am thankful for the job that God provided me with.

Notes in Your Bible

I have taken part in more than one discussion about people marking and writing in their Bibles when they study. Personally, I see nothing wrong with doing this, but there are some people who do. I would suggest this to anyone who is on the line, who reads your Bible? The person that reads your Bible is you. God wants is to seek a closer relationship with Him. The better we understand His word, the closer our relationship becomes. So I say highlight, underline, circle,  or notes in the margin, whatever it takes to give you a better understanding.