I woke up this morning and my kids has missed the bus. This was my fault for turning off the clock and going back to sleep. So I owned it and took them to school. On the trip, they were talking about their feelings on different topics. So I dropped them at the front door and headed home.

It was at this time i thought about feelings and how opinion has changed over the last century.  We now live in a society where a man can feel like he is a woman and the rest of the world should enable the delusion. Human feelings are taking precedence over scientific fact? How is this possible? When a person says they feel the presence of God, society thinks they are delusional. 

Take the theory of evolution, which is a theory because there is no scientific proof of evolution, or a big bang. Because people feel this is the appropriate solution It is considered valid. Again, how is this possible?

To those who hate the idea of God and all that he stands for, hate is a feeling. Your feelings are a form of validation, so by your own reasoning there must be a God.  You can’t hate things that don’t exist since feelings are so important to this society. 


Matthew 8, Mark 5, and Luke 8

These 3 chapters tell the story about Jesus confronting the devils that had possessed the man at Gergesenes. To get a better visual of what Jesus did I would suggest reading the story in all 3 locations.  For this post, I wanted to point out something that caught my attention when I was reading the story in Matthew. In the Matthew version, the first part of the chapter begins with the story of Jesus stilling the storm that scared the disciples. Then it moves into the story of Jesus confronting the 2 men possessed with the devils. The thing I wanted to point out was verse 29.

And behold , they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time?

Now the chapter opens with Jesus giving a display of his power over the sea and winds. Now the disciples get to witness the devils acknowledging who Jesus is and the fact that they will eventually end up in torture. Amazing! Proof positive in the word of God that even the devils know who Jesus is and what will become of them.