Servant Leader

As I started my most recent class I hadn’t given much thought to the actual content that would be covered throughout the course. One question that came to mind: How do you lead and serve at the same time? When I was thinking this it still hadn’t clicked in my brain that Jesus was the greatest servant leader that ever lived on earth. You have to excuse me for that, there are times when my mind is going in so many different directions that it just misses some key detail that I needed.

Here I am in my 2nd week of this 5 week course and I realize that I always knew what a servant leader was, I just didn’t realize it at the time. A servant leader is someone who leads the people while serving them with their leadership role.  Think about the ministry of Jesus and all the services he did for others. At any time, he could have pulled ran on the people and God would have intervened. Jesus chose to be a servant leader, wasn’t forced.

Now this is the type of life we need to live, servant leaders. We need to be willing to hit the trenches with others and sometime we need to give them gentle nudges. God wants us all to be faithful and workers for His glory. We love the people, serve the people, guide the people, and care for them when they need it.


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