1 Kings 19:11-13

When God wanted to communicate with Elijah in 1 Kings 19:11-13 He used a small still voice. People of modern times often forget that God can use that same voice to speak to us if we listen. The problem a lot of people face is that they are too busy tooting their own horn to hear the voice. Others must contend with thinking that the voice in their head is the voice of God. Sometimes, the voice in our heads is simply a voice in our heads. The Godly wisdom can help to discern between the two, but we must be willing to put our own intentions aside.

Once a person does something that takes away from the glory of God and puts the attention on themselves then it is not of God. People should be careful when they say the Spirit put this in my heart to tell you. The problem they may find would be that the spirit they are listening to is not the Spirit of God.


11 thoughts on “1 Kings 19:11-13

  1. Well as new creatures in Christ we have hearts of flesh and not of stone, so Jesus makes it easy to live a life dependent on him, just feel from the heart and be yourself. Your a new creature in Christ, a saint, we live our lives and participate with Christ as he lives his through us.

    1. This is true; however, there are places in the Bible where God hardened and allowed people’s hearts to become hardened. Man has to be willing to allow God to help them to control the flesh.

      1. I think turning from sin is a part of it. However, there is more that we must do. Jesus told his disciples to work towards guiding others. We must fully depend on God, but we have to put out the effort.

      2. You don’t sin because so you are able to guide others. When you say to depend on God, he bears the fruit, the fruit is the product of the labor of me serving God.

      3. How incredibly wrong.

        The fruit is the manifestation of Christ living in you and through you. Which is only possible by depending on him as a branch does a vine.

        Fruit is not made by our own efforts rather the Holy Spirit which is working in us. Fruit comes from the branch or the vine?

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