God has a Plan

Found out that the principal at my school has taken another job at another school. Since there is a little over a week before school begins the janitors are now in a sort of limbo. This happens when there is no identified supervisor for the building. Everyone wants to give orders.

Some people might worry because of this type of situation. I am putting my faith in God. I know He has a plan for all humans and its up to us to have the faith to trust in Him. Things will work out for us and by the Grace of God we will all come out better for it.


What a Day

Some days things seem to work against us in every direction. It is these days that many people want to know why me, God? At my house the water heater was leaking, the kitchen drain was leaking, and the flush valve in toilet had broken. My wife and I were getting frustrated because we are between checks and have to wait until I get paid to buy this stuff. At times, I get frustrated and forget to be thankful for the bad as well as the good. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I noticed I was turning into a fair weather person.

Luckily, I serve an awesome God who knows I am flawed and loves me anyway. So I turned things over to God and He made a way for things to fall into place. My father-in-law told my wife to go to the local hardware store and get the things we needed and put it on his charge account. So, today I was able to get the material to personally fix all this little problems that arose. Sometimes, a little effort goes a long way. So, thank you God for all you do and thank you to my father-in-law for the material.

Servant Leader

As I started my most recent class I hadn’t given much thought to the actual content that would be covered throughout the course. One question that came to mind: How do you lead and serve at the same time? When I was thinking this it still hadn’t clicked in my brain that Jesus was the greatest servant leader that ever lived on earth. You have to excuse me for that, there are times when my mind is going in so many different directions that it just misses some key detail that I needed.

Here I am in my 2nd week of this 5 week course and I realize that I always knew what a servant leader was, I just didn’t realize it at the time. A servant leader is someone who leads the people while serving them with their leadership role. ┬áThink about the ministry of Jesus and all the services he did for others. At any time, he could have pulled ran on the people and God would have intervened. Jesus chose to be a servant leader, wasn’t forced.

Now this is the type of life we need to live, servant leaders. We need to be willing to hit the trenches with others and sometime we need to give them gentle nudges. God wants us all to be faithful and workers for His glory. We love the people, serve the people, guide the people, and care for them when they need it.

Why Me, God?

Sometimes I find myself getting frustrated over minor things and I question: Why me, God? Then I get a simple reply that pops in my mind: could have been worse. I know I am guilty of taking small blessing for granted. So maybe what I should be thinking is to thank God that is isn’t worse.

It is so easy to get caught up in daily living that I take my eyes off the major prize.  Now I know why Jesus told the people not to store treasures up in earth. All these things will be gone. Finishing the race for God, it the eternal reward.

Jesus and Paul

I guess I am behind the times in regards to there being the idea of Jesus and Paul representing 2 different kinds of Christianity. While I don’t think this is the case, apparently there are many people that do. I was raised that the Bible was the inspired word of God. This means that the Gospels as well as the epistles are from the inspiration of God. Forgive me for not knowing there exists a debate about Paul and Jesus, I always assumed Christians knew they must accept the entire word of God, not just select sections.

Since several people have approached me about where I stand on this topic I figured I would share my thoughts on it. I would ask you to consider the book of Acts. Acts is a continuation of the Gospel of Luke. Since Luke is the author of both books, then it is safe to assume that Acts is just a valid as the book of Luke. Luke is the longest and most detailed of all the Gospels. It covers many events that are not included in the other Gospels. Now this same author writes another book, the continuation, and it covers Jesus ascending to heaven and the reception of the Holy Ghost. It also covers Jesus personally calling Paul and giving him his commission.

So now we know that Jesus is the Christ and he came to open the opportunity for anyone who chooses to come to God. He personally returns to call another man to bring God’s offer to Gentiles. No, the teaching of Paul and Jesus don’t contradict each other. Their teachings compliment each other.

1 Kings 19:11-13

When God wanted to communicate with Elijah in 1 Kings 19:11-13 He used a small still voice. People of modern times often forget that God can use that same voice to speak to us if we listen. The problem a lot of people face is that they are too busy tooting their own horn to hear the voice. Others must contend with thinking that the voice in their head is the voice of God. Sometimes, the voice in our heads is simply a voice in our heads. The Godly wisdom can help to discern between the two, but we must be willing to put our own intentions aside.

Once a person does something that takes away from the glory of God and puts the attention on themselves then it is not of God. People should be careful when they say the Spirit put this in my heart to tell you. The problem they may find would be that the spirit they are listening to is not the Spirit of God.