God in My Work

For those of you that don’t know, I work as a janitor at a local elementary school. Since it is summer break this is the time when we strip the floors and apply new coats of wax. This process involves apply stripper to the floor and allowing it to set about 10 minutes. Then we use a scrubber machine to scrub the old wax from the floor. Then we take the same machine and suck up the mixture of old wax and stripper. The next step is taking a mop with plain water and rinsing the floor. After the floor is dry we apply a fresh coat of wax. Each coat is allowed to dry before another coat of wax is applied. Once we have enough coats we have a shining floor that looks like new.

I shared this because it is similar to  our souls and what God does for us. When we repent God washes our sins away. Much like the stripper does it takes all the damage to our hearts and strips it away. We are baptized and then we begin to do works because of our faith. With each new layer we become more like the person God intends us to be. We are changed into people worthy of representing God’s love for us and for others around us. We truly become the light of the world.


New City Jerusalem

In Revelation 21, we read about the vision of the city of new Jerusalem that will descend out of heaven. John wrote that there are twelve gates to the city that each had an angel and the name of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Next he talks about the wall of the city and the 12 foundations that each had the name of an apostle.  With this evidence, this designations are a sign of honor that God has placed on the patriarchs of the 12 tribes and the 12 apostles.

Now refer to Matthew 19:23-30, Jesus is talking to the disciples about how difficult it is for a rich man to get to heaven. This prompted the disciples to ask Jesus who could be saved. Jesus tells them that it is impossible with man, but with God anything is possible. Next, Peter asks about the disciples that forsook all and followed Jesus. Jesus responded that when he is sitting on his throne in the regeneration that the 12 disciples would be on 12 thrones judging the 12 tribes of Israel.

Now refer back to Revelation 4, John writes about the single throne that has 24 seats around it. He writes that the 24 elders that are in the seats fall down and throw their crowns before the throne and worship he who sets on the throne. Now based on the words of Jesus in Matthew 19 the disciples will be in a position of judging the 12 tribes. So we can assume that 12 of the 24 elders. Who are the remaining 12?

Sadducees Attempt to Trick Jesus

Before you read this post any further I would recommend that you stop and read the Scriptures that are associated with the post. Matthew 22:23-33, Mark 12:18-27, and Luke 20:27-40. This takes place after the Pharisees have attempted to disprove Jesus and after he educates them, the Sadducees want to trick Jesus with a question about the resurrection. The Sadducees do not believe in resurrection or the angels so they had not doubt never studied any teachings with either topic.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the Jewish law dealing with widows and heirs here is a little help to better understand. If a man and a woman are married and the husband dies without having an heir then it falls to the brother to marry the widow and produce an heir in his brother’s name.

The question they put to Jesus is that 7 brothers have married the same woman, each brother dies so keeping with the law the next one marries her and none of them had a child during the marriage. The Sadducees  asked Jesus who would be her husband in the resurrection. Jesus responds that they do not understand the resurrection as there will be no marriage, but humans become like the angels that do not marry. He tells them that God is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living. This put the Sadducees to silence, they had no response to Jesus.

Knowing What to Do

There are times when we find ourselves not really knowing what to do when certain situations arise. It is these times that we need to rely on our faith and trust in God. How can we say we love God when we doubt He will see us through? This would be impossible for humans. However, the good thing as impossibilities for humans is that with God nothing is impossible and this is again where we must have faith. When Jesus left the disciples and was ascended he told them that a Comforter was coming. Now God send us this Comforter with the knowledge to helps us get through anything that could arise against us. It is up to us to decide if we are going to allow the Holy Spirit guide us to doing the will of God or are we going to exploit our freewill and make any situation worse.

When it comes to making difficult decisions in our lives we need to take them to God in prayer and He can send us the best choice we need to make. In the end, our goal should be to make it to Heaven to worship God for eternity and who better to show us the way than God? So for any situation that comes us here is what to do: rely on God, listen to the Holy Spirit, and put faith into action.

Chief Cornerstone

Many people are confused when they read in the Gospels where Jesus tells Peter on this rock I will build my church. The problem is that people believe that it is not possible for Peter to be the rock that the church is built on. However, Jesus is the chief cornerstone of the church. For those who do not understand, the chief cornerstone is the most important stone of the foundation. This stone dictates where the rest of the foundation goes. So Jesus being the chief cornerstone means that he is the most important beginning of the foundation, but he is not the entire foundation.  Even though, he is the reason we have a chance at salvation, Jesus understood that his role was to begin the church, but he would turn it over to his disciples to build it up.

Stop Pacifying the Lost

People are getting to the point where they are willing to pacify the lost when it comes to the word of God. One thing that Christians should understand when it comes to dealing with the lost is that lying or trying to appease them is not helping them. We must have a straight forward approach when sharing the word of God with them. It makes no sense that people use phrases like, “it’s open to interpretation”. This is another lie. The Bible was written as a guide to serving God to best of our ability and we must be willing to stand firm in His word. We must not risk telling someone something wrong with the hope that it would get them curious about God. There are no Scripture in the Bible where you can find that God said to use pacification to get the lost to consider their decisions in this world. When it comes down to our final judgement do we really want to have to answer for lies that we told sinners?