Matthew 20:20-28

This selection really speaks to my heart. It serves as an example of how we should be willing to serve others. Too many people seek to have authority over others, this is why Jesus told them that he came the minister to the people. Ministering in the Bible was more than just sharing the Gospel it was taking care of the people. This is a concept that gets overlooked by many modern churches.

We must be willing to serve if we want to lead others. Wouldn’t it be horrible to get to heaven and find out we weren’t staying because we were more worried about authority than serving? This is a concept that I constantly work on in my daily life. I would rather plant a seed in someone’s life and allow the Holy Spirit help it grow than try and force someone to see things the way I believe. Please remember me in your prayers.


Stoning of Stephen

Acts 7 ends with the story of a young man named Stephen who is stoned for sharing the gospel. If you have never read the story for yourself I would suggest it. Stephen ministers against the evil behaviors of the Jewish people and they decide to shut him up permanently. Before Stephen died he looks up into heaven and sees Jesus standing on the right hand of God. Stephen asks that this sin be forgiven because they don’t know what they are doing. This is an example of a true believer trying to live their life by the example set by Jesus. Even when under attack he is still concern with the souls of the others.

Another thing I wanted to point out about the story is the fact that Jesus was standing and not sitting. A good brother said his theory is that Jesus stood in anticipation of God sending him to collect the church. My theory is that Jesus was standing to assure Stephen that he was coming home at last. I believe it was a bit of extra courage when he was facing horrible circumstances.

2 Corinthians 3:9-18

Paul is writing to us about the importance if understanding that it all comes from the Grace granted by God. This is not a grace that was given because we deserved, it is given because God loves us. When we get to the point where we feel that are actions are enough, then we become the workers of iniquity that will be told to depart from Jesus.

God wants a personal relationship with us all. He has more than done His part and left only the smallest fraction for us to do. In the end, we are the ones who decide how we spend eternity.

Vanity of Man

I find myself getting amused when watching videos of people proclaiming that if God exists He should show himself. The flaw with their thinking is that they believe that their mind would be able to process seeing God. Really??? Just the mere presence of God has made men fall like dead men. Then when God sent His son to pay for the sins of the world, they killed him. What kind of vain creation man is because he demands proof and then destroyed it when it was in front of his face. The vanity of man is always going to be the biggest divided between God and man. God does’t need to prove Himself to us, we need to prove ourselves to Him. On a personal note, before I got back into church, I thought this same way: if God is real and He truly loves me why not reveal Himself to me? After I got back into church the answer was given to me, God had revealed himself to me numerous time I was too vain and stupid to see the signs,

Now, when someone asks me to prove there is a God, I respond He has already proven Himself, you just can’t see the signs. If they insist I prove God, I simply respond for them to prove there isn’t. This usually leads to a serious of questions about the evil of the world. The response to this is simple: freewill. Man desires freewill, God granted it, and man gets angry when God does not correct their mistakes. Simply pray for them, arguing with them benefits nothing. God bless!

Giving in Love

As many of you know I am a janitor at a local elementary school. During this summer break we have been blessed with a church missionary group coming and working around the school. These people are working very hard and doing an excellent job working on the building. Most importantly, they are doing it in love for their fellow man. A concept that many people have forgotten over the years. These people have come from other states to bring a little bit of joy to some of the less fortunate in Kentucky. God bless these people.

Story Update

Praise God, I have started working on the 3rd draft of my¬† first attempt at fiction in a long time. I’m currently at 31,000 words, but have decided to take it from 1st person POV to 3rd person POV. (A process that is turning out to be a challenge.) I share this with you because I ask for you to say a prayer that I continue to work for the glory of God and not me.

Adam and Talking Animals

While I was work the other day, I had a conversation with someone about the creation of man. This person said that the Bible tells that Adam was not the first man. He was using the fact that God said let us make man in Genesis 1 that this meant other people were created before Adam. However, when you look in Genesis 2 the creation events apply specifically to the Garden of Eden that was created. Was Adam the first man? According to 1 Corinthians 15:45, Adam is named as the first man, was created a living soul. I think it is a safe assumption that Paul, personally called by Jesus, is accurate in his description of Adam being the first man.

Eventually, our conversation led to taking the Bible literally and figuratively. I was told that there was no literal serpent that spoke to Eve. This concerned me because the Bible states that the devil took the form of a serpent. 2 Corinthians 11 talks about Satan being transformed into an Angel of Light. Would it really be difficult to take the form of a serpent? I would think it wouldn’t be a far stretch by any means. I believe if God wanted an animal to speak to me, I better shut and listen. Numbers 22 gives the story of the donkey speaking to Balaam.

My suggestion to this person and anyone reading this post: study the Word for yourself, don’t assume that something that someone else tells you is accurate. God bless!